Kaylynne Hatch Headshot, 2020
Hi there, I'm

Kaylynne Hatch

People usually start by saying where they’re from but I grew up an Army brat and had moved 21 times before I even turned 18. I usually just say I’m from “everywhere.”

The longest I’ve ever lived in one place was when I went to college in Utah. First attending Utah Valley University to earn my Associates of Science in Art & Visual Communication (I wanted to become a photographer or graphic designer at the time). I earned my Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Utah where I changed my major to mass communication so I could combine my interests in art, technology, and marketing.

After spending almost 8 years in marketing, I’ve discovered a passion for data and turned my focus towards data analysis and automation.

I currently live in Albuquerque, New Mexico with my partner, Ryan and our pets, Nixon (a corgi) and Sherlock (a tuxedo cat).