Hi, I'm Kaylynne

I'm A Data Analyst A Designer A Developer A Lifelong Learner An Automation Enthusiast An Anaplan Model Builder An Amateur Educator

My first career was in marketing, but through my work, I discovered a passion for data! Data Science and Analysis is an incredible way to organize, share, and interact with the valuable information that can help you make decisions, both in business and in life. And the ability to write stories based on data and to customize and create beautiful visualizations makes it just as much a creative activity as it is analytical.

I love using my organization, data, and programming skills to connect and create data flows between systems (physical and digital) in order to effectively and efficiently accomplish various tasks. And in cases where the organization I’m working with uses CRMs (like Hubspot and Salesforce), EMS (like Pardot and Constant Contact), or other low/no code tools for work automation (like Zapier, or IFTTT) – I specialize in creating efficient workflows to help reduce friction for both sales and marketing teams. 

I’m currently working as an Anaplan Model Builder / Consultant, using the Anaplan platform to plan out and build various implementations for the clients of the company I work for (Vuealta). 

Just a few of my favorite Tools/Apps

Python Logo in a Pink/Purple/Blue gradient
VS Code
Affinity Design Software
Affinity Software
Zapier & IFTTT Logos
No Code Automation
Raspberry Pi and Arduino

My Latest Posts


We’ve finally got the basic elements of our 2022 garden all set up. This year, I made my sub-irrigated planters modular, I automated all our watering, and even used some ancient techniques!


Bill Gates supposedly once said he’d hire a lazy person to do a difficult job because they’ll find an easy way to do it. I spent some time thinking about how to leverage laziness in professional work.

Anaplan, Education

In Spring of 2021, I was 1 of approximately 90 students accepted into Correlation One’s first Anaplan for All cohort – now, not only am I a Model Builder, I’m back as a TA for Cohort 3!